What We Do

We empower companies in building an army of loyal consumers!!!

What We Do

Here at The Monachie Project, we provide customer-driven analytics to help ambitious businesses enhance customer retention and loyalty.

For business insights based on deep consumer connections, our customer experience consultancy provides a detailed perception of your organisation and its current market needs.

To really succeed in business, you must first understand your consumers

You know your product or service inside out. But do you really understand the behaviour of your end-users? Does your company attract consumer loyalty?

Loyalty is power. And having an army of loyal customers can really help drive your company forward and increase success. As most business professionals know, it is more profitable to retain loyal customers than find new ones.

To do this, you need to gain detailed knowledge of your customers and their motivations. However, understanding consumer behaviour is a broad and complicated task.

This is where we come in.

Who we are

The Monachie Project is a small, focused and proactive company. We are accessible and adaptable, moulding our consumer behaviour methodologies to fit your industry, challenges, unique needs and budget.

We use a variety of interactive methods, such as loyalty testing, behaviour mapping and customer feedback. The right combination of these methodologies delivers customised and engaging solutions that will help to inspire creativity and generate new ideas for your business.

We do not deliver ‘off the shelf’ research. We deliver insights.

Our consultants are hand-picked to reflect your consumer community, so that we can analyse your brand from a customer perspective.

We believe in basing business innovation and strategy on your customers and their consumer behaviour. We help you listen to and observe consumers and think like them, so you can use these insights to deliver experiences that are relevant and compelling.

What we will help you do?

Learn more about your customers

We use behaviour mapping to assess how your customers think, feel, reason and make buying choices. From our analysis, you will also discover how your consumers are influenced by their environment and learn more about their behaviour whilst shopping or making other marketing decisions. This consumer knowledge can help influence decisions and marketing outcome.

Increase consumer loyalty and differentiate yourself from your competitors

Loyalty testing and customer journey mapping look at the triggers, research and resources that consumers use on their path to purchase.

Competitor analysis will help to offer clarity as to the levers that propel a consumer to choose one company over another.

Knowing more about consumer emotions, feelings and motivators will help you put processes in place that make you stand out from the competition. It will also help you build customer loyalty, which is a huge driver in business success.

Develop more effective marketing strategies and grow your business

Analysis of consumer behaviour and the use of customer feedback help you view your business from the perspective of the people that matter most – your loyal customers. Having this insight will help you to develop strategies that focus on the critical elements for engagement and reching consumers more effectively.

Our detailed insights will be powerful and actionable and will help you to deliver differentiated and compelling products or services that will help your business to grow.

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You know you want to make relevant and perceptive marketing decisions that reflect consumer behaviour and impact consumer loyalty.

Let us help you by delivering customer insights that will reflect your company values, make you stand out from the competition and position your business as an industry leader.

Contact The Monachie Project today and let us tailor our experienced customer insight consultancy services to meet your needs.

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