Customer complaints… crushed!

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It’s a fact of business. Customer complaints happen.

But, what if I told you that there were measures you could take to help avoid them?

Granted, I am not saying you will spend the next 12 months completely devoid of customer complaints.

There’s always someone that’s going to have an emotive end user experience that leaves them either reaching out to your customer feedback management team or taking to social media to have a whine.

And social venting in particular can be particularly detrimental to a brand.

So, if you could reduce the number of complaints you get, surely that would be a bonus, right?!

Well, you can.

And here’s how.

Introduce new technology

If you operate a call centre or other relevant feedback management department, perhaps it’s time to look at the software you’re using – or at least, start to use some!

If you make it easier for customer service representatives to do their job, they can focus more on assisting consumers.

One of the simplest ways to do this is by introducing a call-back solution.

Getting a phone call from you will be much more acceptable to the end-user, as opposed to having to hold during peak call periods whilst waiting for the ‘next available operator.’ (We all know that’s super frustrating!)

Communicate – every which way

What?! You’re not already using social media to communicate?!

Where have you been?!

About a third of all customers use social media to air their concerns. So, get with the programme!

Seriously though… You can use it to monitor interactions with your consumers and predict problems before they arise.

You can also use social media to get feedback, even without waiting for issues to rear their ugly heads. Twitter polls are great for this.

Don’t neglect the other two thirds though.

Make sure you keep open channels of communication via email and telephone support too.

Make things seamless

It’s all about the user experience (or UX, as it’s called in the biz!)

Look at where the complaints are coming from.

Is it all about the fact that your website isn’t very user friendly? If so, tackle the problem.

Customer service widgets are a good friend. They can be used to support your product and reduce consumer complaints.

Whatever it is that’s getting peoples’ backs up, address the problem and find a new, more productive way to work to improve the end-user experience when interacting with your brand.

Be creative

Ok, so asking for criticism doesn’t give anyone the warm fuzzies. But it’s better to know than have a problem bite you on the bum.

Think about different, more creative ways you can ask for customer feedback.

Offer discount codes for users that have complained about issues in the past.

Get feedback once a transaction is complete, so you can head problems off at the pass.

Asking people what they think is the best way to resolve complaints for the customer in question.

It will also help you find solutions to stop the issue arising again in future.

Say thanks

If a consumer takes time out of their busy life to tell you what they think about a product or service, be sure to thank and reward them.

As mentioned previously, discounts are always a winner. Plus they help bring in some welcome repeat business.

A bit of gratitude can go a long way to making a customer more loyal.

And loyal customers are more likely to sing your praises as opposed to bad-mouthing you!

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

If you say you are going to deliver the moon but fall short at the stars, consumers won’t be happy.

Ensure that your promises are attainable and deliverable. And that they are delivered in a timely and professional manner.

Appreciate your staff

We all know that good team members are a company’s biggest asset.

If you don’t look after them, they won’t hesitate to walk.

And if you lose your best people, you are lining yourself up for more complaints from customers.

So, keep your staff happy and they’ll treat your customers better.

And happy customers mean less complaints.

It’s a win-win situation.

Don’t forget about internal communications

Make sure you keep lines of communication open across all departments.

This will help to keep you informed of any problems and give you chance to take action before customer feedback kicks in.

Keep your ear to the ground and make sure everyone involved at all levels does the same.

You’ll thank us for it.

Log complaints

Make sure you track and log all customer complaints.

This stops anyone being able to say “I didn’t know about that”.

Plus, by logging everything – no matter how small an issue – and taking note of the solution that was employed, you will be well placed to offer a quick resolution if they same thing ever happens again.

And there you have it.

Put the wheels in motion now, and we are sure your customer feedback management teams will be twiddling their thumbs for things to occupy them in no time!


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