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Love it or loathe it, we have all seen the show at some stage.

And yeah, we’ve all sat there and cringed at the telly when those muppets come on that just don’t have it.

But, there’s a lot of folk out there that just want their 5 minutes of fame. And even if they bomb, it still makes for entertaining viewing.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that in the world of business.

If you don’t have that X-factor that will work to convert one-time buyers into repeat consumers, you’re never going to succeed in increasing customer loyalty.

So, you may as well simply crawl under a stone and stay there.

But, don’t start crying into your office coffee yet.

There’s still hope.

Granted, there are no short cuts for building loyalty but, fortunately, it’s not like having natural ability for singing or dancing.

When it comes to business success, you can develop that all-important the x-factor that will help you to deliver an emotive end-user experience.

And here’s how.

Verify value

Who are you? What do you stand for?

Let your buyers know in a targeted, value proposition.

Do your research to confirm that what you have to offer really is unique and make sure your proposition resonates with consumers.

Make sure you offer enough temptation to make them want to buy your products or services.

They should feel compelled to be a part of your brand and everything it stands for.

Cultivate community

Get out there and tell your story.

Make use of social media to build an engaged and faithful community around your business.

Hold contests to attract user-generated content, and maybe through in a few rewards and prizes.

Keep up a steady stream of articles, comments, images, posts and videos to engage people and generate interest and interaction.

Perhaps, most importantly, make sure you listen to what consumers are saying. Don’t be afraid to get personal. And make sure you react promptly to brand mentions.

Your brand is your story. And you’re telling it.

Gather evidence

Social proof is the best tool for reinforcing a brand’s authority.

So, entice your customers to write reviews and testimonials and/or connect with influencers in your niche.

You are looking to garner FOMO (fear of missing out!) in those that don’t shop with you, or at least not regularly.

And there’s no credibility like that which comes from a satisfied consumer.

Customer service is key

If you want end-users to be satisfied, customer service plays a major role.

So, take a step back. Perhaps do some end-user experience monitoring (we can help!) so you can observe your business from a consumer perspective.

And make sure people can get in touch with you easily. Display your contact information for all to see, don’t hide it away somewhere on your website. Or implement a live chat.

Customer feedback monitoring is of vital importance. It can not only help you avoid negative word-of-mouth but will also boost satisfaction.

It’s all about the UX

It kind of goes without saying that you need a website and mobile presence in this day and age.

Make them great and they will really help to drive customer loyalty.

It’s imperative not to get complacent once your online presence is out there.

You need to constantly fine tune things to improve the user experience (UX). Collecting regular feedback can help.

Also, you need to offer excellent site navigation, fast load speeds and ‘even an idiot can master it’ usability.

Talk… and listen

We’ve all been guilty of overlooking existing customers whilst trying to acquire new ones.

But it’s a mistake that really ought to be avoided because it can cost you dearly! Existing consumers offer immense value.

So, make sure you keep people hooked and coming back for more. Take action. Offer incentives and discounts.

Send personalised emails and regularly collect actionable feedback through questionnaires and website surveys.

Never stop learning. And never stop improving.

You need to truly understand what motivates your consumers into coming back for more.

Only then can you increase brand loyalty and customer retention.

No I in Team

Employees need to possess not only the right skills and expertise but they also need to understand your business culture and relate to your mission.

They are, after all, the heart and soul of your brand.

Make sure team members are kept in the loop as to what is expected of them. And clearly define roles and responsibilities.

Offer training and development opportunities. And let them input their tips and ideas, not only internally, but also on social media or your blog.

Make your business human. Don’t hide behind a cold, corporate façade.

Take responsibility

To err is human.

And modern customers are really tuned in to business transparency and responsibility.

So, acknowledge your mistakes. Put them right. Adopt best industry practices. And don’t withhold information.

At the end of the day, consumers are the most important part of your business.

It’s not rocket science.

No customers equals no business.

So, implementing a customer loyalty strategy is a must, not a choice.

Because the more loyal an end-user is towards your brand, the more likely they are to recommend you.

So, nurture those positive and meaningful relationships.

Because no one in their right mind should ever say no to some positive word of mouth!

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